It feels weird writing a #happy post on 9 / 11, but I also feel sorry I didn't get a post out this past weekend. So to all who died on 9/11, and also to all who are suffering due to terrorism and natural disasters, I'm thinking of you.

Donate to Red Cross to help those in need. If you're one of those people ready to send memes about how Red Cross is the worst or some other nonsense, check out their Charity Navigator page to see why they are a great place to donate money.

Ok, now to the links. The happy.

So first off, I've been playing a bunch of Destiny 2 and enjoying it. Polygon and The Verge have substantial write-ups of the game at launch. Also worth reading is this old article about The Messy, True Story Behind The Making Of Destiny from 2015.

I enjoyed @tomdale's think piece "Compilers are the New Frameworks"

I've been thinking of going back to reading via RSS now that I'm having trouble surfacing things from twitter because of their weird timeline. Why RSS Still Beats Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News is a nice little write-up on how to get back to using RSS.

Leslie Jones At Fashion Week Has Breathed New Life Into My Cold, Decomposing Corpse. Jones is the celebrity we need.

Ingress - Burning Man Sunrise Set 2017 by Tycho is beautiful.

Hillary Clinton On Losing the 2016 Presidential Election & Her Marriage to Bill is sad, but it makes me excited for her book. If you read my blog, you're probably aware I love retrospectives and check-ins and emotional reflection, so I am here for HRC to drop her feelings onto the world.

Dear Amazon, We Picked Your New Headquarters for You is an excellent look at US cities. I wish they included all of North America in their study though.

Action Bronson's videos are profane and silly, but How-To Make Action Bronson's Chicken Parm was enjoyable.

To the Burner who pulled a shit-covered plastic jug out of the port-a-potty is a beautiful piece about celebrating people for doing good work and not expecting any praise.

@AlexTinkerer posted that a project he's been working on is finally becoming a reality, and the press release sounds awesome: Blizzard Arena Opens in Los Angeles

In the fresh news out of a tragic news cycle category: Delta Goes Big, Then Goes Home

I enjoyed this Wired article on The DNC’s CTO. I want the DNC to get their shit together and move forward, and this is a good sign.

I've been enjoying the What's Good Podcast, and I liked the Dave Chappelle & Donnell Rawlings episode.

Atomic City is a sad but fascinating story of nuclear testing in the US.

Drink Seltzer, Live Forever is a long-form article about seltzer.

List of United States hurricanes is excellent data, and what's even cooler is the references section has all of the raw data from NOAA.

Rapid release at massive scale is a fascinating look into how Facebook releases have changed since 2012

September Startup Sprint sounds cool. I'm not participating but should be fun to watch.

A few of my ex-coworkers are speaking at SRE, Security, and Presidential Campaigns - devopsdays Boston 2017. Sadly I can't make it, but it should be awesome.

D3 Traveller Duffel is impressive but expensive hardware. I learned about it from the incredibly fascinating first episode of the On Margins Podcast. @craigmod continues to put out excellent content.

Have a great week! I wish you the best.