I'm procrastinating on a few things, so I figure it's time to write a #happy post.

Let us start with something silly: I’m Diana From Anne of Green Gables, and I am Fucking Drunk

Next, we can transition to the news that one of my favorite comedians is getting a show: Jessica Williams as a sci-fi writer in Brooklyn. Oh also related, Questlove is making another book. And I love me some Questlove.

Then, weird book nerd scandal: The Handbook for Mortals Bestseller List Scandal

If you like Reply All, or just hearing about how podcasts are made Episode 262 of Longform was great:

My Three Years in Identity Theft Hell - Bloomberg is depressing, but an interesting look on how messed up the credit industry in the US is.

Two fantastic articles about people's time at @recursecenter, but both a few years after they attended:

Spain and Catalonia Wrestle Over .cat Internet Domain is just weird.

Hal Ruzal Grades Your Bike Locking is a great video on how to make sure your bike doesn't get stolen.

The xx - On Hold (Jamie xx Remix) is just a solid remix.

Why Shanghai might be the next Silicon Valley is a reasonable article and talks about how The Great Firewall has affected technical innovation.

Sparkfun has written up some fun blog posts about hardware and security:

The NYT wrote an article about Loftium. The service tries to help you buy a home, in exchange for a promise you will list your home on Airbnb.

30 Days Timelapse at Sea is beautiful video.

What the Rich Won’t Tell You was a good read. Makes sense, and not too shocking, but needs to be said in this world of Trump bullshit.

Warren Buffett won a $1M bet that the S&P 500 stock index would outperform hedge funds over a decade.

Designing For the Margins is an excellent conference summary.

I love reading about NTP, so a comparison of NTP implementations was neat.

I am super excited for APFS, so a Backup Software Developer's Perspective on APFS was neat.

Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js is proof that if enough people rant about a thing, a company may change their minds.

I started migrating a lot of my stuff away from CloudFlare and Heroku. I am moving to a Kubernetes cluster, so automated certificate provisioning in Kubernetes using kube-lego was a useful read. https://natwelch.com, https://hello.natwelch.com, https://quotes.natwelch.com, and https://walls.natwelch.com have all moved over. I've got a long list of apps to follow that.

danluu/post-mortems is a beautiful collection of postmortems. I read through a bunch of these while doing research one morning.

Pytosquatting is interesting, but what's exciting is the work on a new system for hosting all Python packages called Warehouse. It's running now at https://pypi.org/.

Public Money Should Produce Public Code is something that I feel very strongly about. It's not going to happen in the US anytime soon, but the EU is pushing forward.

Bunnie Huang and Ed Snowden describe a malware-resistant hardware iPhone privacy overlay is an exciting project.

I am now a subscriber to Offscreen Magazine, and read both Issue 16 and Issue 17 this week. They were both good reads.

Have a great week!