Project #tenbysix Update #6

I didn't do too much this week for #tenbysix. But I took some notes on just about every project I've been thinking about.

Stuff I worked on this week:

I want this to be a Go + React app. @ifosteve suggested http://hckrnews.com/ as a good example of how to display content like this.

No thoughts other than I want this to be an Android app, and that I really liked http://drum-machine.maryrosecook.com/.

https://www.highly.co/ is the closest thing to what I want to build, but I don't think I want it to be a chrome extension. Need to figure out how much I want to store, but the minimum is the highlight, where it's from, when it was stored, and notes about the highlight.

OK, I have no idea what I want to do with this. @alexbaldwin sent me a simple version where you just watch pokemon die, which at least scratch my brain a little.

I've had lots of thoughts about this, but I'm having trouble figuring out what the MVP is. All of my thoughts are around a larger product, not the simplest way I could build this.

The next step for this is to brush up on my d3 skills and create graphs. However I do it, I should make sure it's faster than http://code.natwelch.com.

@ifosteve said he would take photos for me while he was in Japan. This also made me remember I had a ton of photos from my trip in 2014. So I'm looking through those for inspiration. I'm thinking the MVP of this idea will be a text based game.

No real thoughts on what the artwork should be. Maybe a maze?

Just did some thinking about the UI. So many advertisements these days have an article image associated with them. I wonder if I should include the author's RC photo? Here are some screenshots of advertisements that work.

two three

I really want this, Dropbox and Google Drive are really getting long in the tooth. I spent a bunch of time thinking about how cool it would be if a SAN could self heal by ordering hard drives for amazon and including a note in the delivery slip where the drive should be inserted.