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Morning Routine

Trying to lock down a morning routine has been really hard. I would say, borderline impossible for me. But I keep hearing about all of the benefits having consistency in the morning. So I'm going to keep trying to stick to a routine in the morning.

After reading this, I'd love to hear what you do in the morning. Share with me on twitter at @icco or by email at

Since 2016 started, I've been trying to have this routine:

  • 0645: Alarm goes off, get out of bed. No laptop time.
  • 0645 - 0730: Stretch, bathroom, drink a glass of water.
  • 0730 - 0830: Make breakfast, read news.
  • 0830 - 0930: Shower, get dressed, pack backpack.
  • 0930: Go to work.

If I'm lucky, I'll run into this great musician on the train platform:

Dancing in the morning

And maybe some day I'll put a run somewhere in that timeline.



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