Oi, I forgot to write my #happy post this weekend! Well here it is, three days late.

I've been really loving Imprints' Data Trails. It's a great little EP.

@alexbaldwin introduced me to automato farm. They have some really cool projects that they have made.

Wired did an article on the new Playboy magazine. Interesting to see how internet culture is changing the world.

Punctuation in novels is just a fun idea.

The World OS is a fun slide deck looking into a possible future of AI.

I came across Codacy, and while I have no idea if it's any good, large scale static analysis on code is the thing I really miss from Google. We need to automate more things, especially in the code review world. It makes everything better.

If you're in NY, you should go see Laura Poitras's Astro Noise at the Whitney. It's a short but a really well done exhibit.

Poitras Exhibit

If you haven't seen it, Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory is incredibly exciting for science.

If you like videogames and e-sports, Lupe Fiasco vs. the world's best Street Fighter player is a fantastic watch. So silly, and so entertaining all at the same time.

And I'll end with this fun Kanye tweet:



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