Nat? Nat. Nat!

My personal site,, was running a really old version of tachyons. So today I decided to fix it up. I haven't done the blog yet, since that'll take longer, but one step at a time.

Pull Request 11 has the diff of what changed, but here it is in pictures.

Mobile before and after


Desktop before and after



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A few days late, but here is a #happy post. I spent most of last week sick. As such digging through my links was difficult since I apparently spent half the time just liking things on Twitter.

I had such high hopes for productivity today (Sunday, Day 54). Instead I spent it walking and talking with fantastic people. Breakfast and Lunch were in Park Slope with the thoughtful @saturnial. Between Lunch and Dinner, I enjoyed the company of Courtney, who walked with me from the Williamsburg Bridge to Grand Central Station. And then I had a wonderful dinner with @frewsxcv. Finally, in an attempt to avoid the still broken D train, I decided to take an UberPOOL (which I hadn't taken since I left SF). I was matched with @pierrevalade, who was an absolute delight to talk to about software and big companies.