My personal site,, was running a really old version of tachyons. So today I decided to fix it up. I haven't done the blog yet, since that'll take longer, but one step at a time.

Pull Request 11 has the diff of what changed, but here it is in pictures.

Mobile before and after


Desktop before and after



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"Onions in the varnish" is a pretty neat phrase. It refers to something we do, but we don't know why. Usually the thing comes from old habits and traditions.

My girlfriend lives in Oakland, so these two posts answer all of my questions. I think I'll keep living in Parkside though. Chinese grandmas won't shoot you.

Interesting art for your Tuesday. I always love the variety of things artists can come up with. From shaping coffee foam, to old airplanes, to videos of women reading books. Art is awesome.