I feel like this week is a little shorter, but I've still got some #happy links for y'all.

In the land of programming nerds, I really enjoyed this page describing Infinity in Ruby. Also @a_hailes told me about the outages.org mailing list which was very informative today when Cogent took a nose dive.

Good Moves is a neat collection of motion design shorts.

2016 Emmy Awards GIF Recap! by Giphy is proof that I don't need to watch TV anymore.

2016 fall foliage map is beautiful. Tells me when the trees are going to change in NY!

I'm a total sap at heart, so the NYT's The 36 Questions That Lead to Love from 2015 was a lot of fun to work through on a recent date.

Bear Grylls & Marshawn Lynch is hilarious reality television. I'm hoping someone puts up some highlights, because I can't actually sit through that much reality TV.

The Verge had a great write up on the last year of the XOXO conference.

And that's it!

Have a great week,