Review of the Logitech Anywhere Mouse

My Work Mouse
Logitech Anywhere Mouse by Nat W.

So I was going to write this in depth review of the Logitech Anywhere Mouse. But then, Cory Doctorow went ahead and wrote a great review of it.

I entirely agree with everything he says. I bought one in early August when trying to find a new mouse for work. I needed something that worked on my glass desk, felt good in my hand, and was under $80. The Anywhere MX did all of these things, so I went ahead and ordered one from amazon.

It worked great, and I happily used it for four months. I loved it so much in fact that earlier this month I bought another one for my home. The mouse works great in Linux, Windows, and OS X (I use all three with it everyday), without the need for any extra software. The scroll wheel works really well, and I actually prefer the separate button for middle clicking, it just seems more intuitive than clicking a wheel down.

Before, I bought my second Anywhere mouse, I also briefly tried out the Performance MX. While I can see some people liking it, I found the mouse to be large, bulky and uncomfortable. I was especially bothered by the fact that on this mouse you used the button to toggle the scroll speeds while the wheel was your third button. I really wish companies would realize that consistency in interface is key. Anyway, I used it for a week and then returned it, which thanks to Amazon being awesome, was no hassle at all.

Anyway, I highly recommend the Logitech Anywhere MX mouse.

cya later,