I just read an article detailing an email conversation between an NYU Professor named Scott Galloway and an anonymous student. The article and it's subsequent hacker.news post have lots of people arguing who here is in the wrong, with many, if not most, siding with the student.

Seriously people?

This is pretty common practice at Cal Poly, but I guess the idea of respecting your professors is a west coast thing.

Here is what I said on HN:

I totally agree. I currently am a student at a public university, although on the other side of the country, and this behavior in any of my classes would result in the teacher refusing to enroll a student in the class. You are older than 18, grow a pair and learn to respect others time and energy. The quote that I'm hoping the kid really gets is of course "having manners, demonstrating a level of humility…these are all (relatively) easy. Get the easy stuff right".

Hope this kid grows up before he joins the workforce, or hell, attends another day of class, because this behavior is just not OK for an adult.

Note: this post is backdated to when I originally wrote it. I had planned on developing this further with things like logical arguments and examples, but the whole thing just infuriated me.