Day 4

Spent today at the Guggenheim seeing three amazing exhibits (and one kind of meh):

This show garnered the most discussion from our group. Kawara, as I think the consensus of our group decided, was the earliest innovator in quantified self. Before there was Feltron there was Kawara. His "Today" work was amazing in it's scale. 48 years of meticulous art that hides so much from the viewer. You know who he met, what he read, what color he felt, what date scheme was applicable and where he went. But given all of this data, he presented no opinions. No decoder ring to figure out what he was trying to say about the events he witnessed and experienced.

I really liked this. The idea of projectors as animals seemed like a cool idea for future work.

I actually preferred her drawings to her sculpture and glass work, but this was all stunning. The NYT has a nice writup of the show.

This was the meh show for me. Neat painting, but nothing blew me away.

I had the pleasure of wandering the exhibits with @saturnial, @mames, @josephcohen and Ali.

This morning I also discovered @dungeon_bot. This makes me want to write a robot to play NetHack.

#art #hackerschool