Day 52 - 54

I had such high hopes for productivity today (Sunday, Day 54). Instead I spent it walking and talking with fantastic people. Breakfast and Lunch were in Park Slope with the thoughtful @saturnial. Between Lunch and Dinner, I enjoyed the company of Courtney, who walked with me from the Williamsburg Bridge to Grand Central Station. And then I had a wonderful dinner with @frewsxcv. Finally, in an attempt to avoid the still broken D train, I decided to take an UberPOOL (which I hadn't taken since I left SF). I was matched with @pierrevalade, who was an absolute delight to talk to about software and big companies.

Yesterday, Day 53, Saturday, I attended Two5Six. I took copious notes and tried to get photos of all of the speakers, but I missed a few.

I had a lot of takeaways, but it's late and I'm not quite in the mood to go through all of my notes. I think the highest level was that video games and culture are merging in weird ways, and that Two5Six is a well curated conference with fantastic discussion. I think the tickets are a little overpriced (probably worth $100, they charged $250), but a wonderful RCer got me in for free, so it was worth it.

On Day 52, Friday, I slept in.

Once I got into RC, I spent a bunch of time working on my Code Words article, but not enough, because it wasn't finished by the time David got up to speak. He wished Alan (one of the facilitators) goodbye, and thanked all of the alumni for attending Never Graduate Week. Afterwards we went to Prospect Park. After about an hour of throwing the frisbee around, I ran away to go to the opening film festival of #Two5Six. Thankfully that night I wrote up notes:

A gorgeous exploration of video.

Cool visuals, interesting idea, thought provoking plot. Probably my favorite thing of the night.


Nope. Creepy as fuck.

Uhm, I have no idea how I feel about this.


Weirdly beautiful.


So many feels. They just showed an excerpt, but this movie will probably bring you to tears.

They showed the second episode, but now I want to watch all of these. So cool and interesting.

The version they showed was much higher quality and the entire scene, but this was really cool.

  • TRACKMANIA - Marzeline

I don't remember this, nor can I find it online. It was in the schedule though... so I guess I saw it?

  • PLAY - Eric Zimmerman / David Kaplan


Hope you had a great weekend as well.