What's making me happy 2024-04-06

#happy time.


  • I watched 3 Body Problem and it was really thrilling. Excited for the next season. Great Science Fiction with a lot of unique ideas.
  • The Roadhouse remake was a fun and engaging romp and action film. People get punched and stuff blows up. Escalation ensues.
  • I also watched The Covenant. It's mostly just a good military action movie, and beats you over the head with the theme "don't abandon your coworkers."




  • I discovered Convert Wiki Tables to CSV. I've wanted a tool like this forever. Saved me a bunch of time this week.
  • I moved my Plex server to a new machine with higher processing power, which worked really well. Over the next week I'll be moving this website and other websites I run to the old machine! Lower cloud costs here I come.

I hope you have a great week!