RC Alumni Visit 2015-08-06

Still trying to write every time I visit RC. I was thinking about going in today (who knows, maybe still will) and got a sense of guilt that I hadn't published this yet. On Thursday, the sixth of August, I came in and hung out at RC. RC invites alumni attend RC as if they never left every Thursday, which is pretty neat.

One of the checkin groups was going on a coffee-walk for their checkin, so I tagged along. I enjoyed myself, being that it contained two of my favorite things (walking and coffee) but it didn't quite capture the spirit of checkins that I loved so much. I feel like I really only heard what two or three people were up to, instead of the whole group.

When I got back, I spent a bunch of time talking with @anyharder about devops and SRE and backends and servers and such. I need to write a blog post at some point about all of this stuff. She had a lot of great questions. We ended with me giving her a project. The project was to build a small self-growing web system. The idea being set up a HAProxy node on Digital Ocean that made sure there was always one healthy "application server" (a VM that when an HTTP request hit port 80, responded with "Hello World"), and increased and decreased the number of servers based on the rate of requests.

After lunch, we went on a walk to a chocolatire and then to the LittleBits Store. This was pretty awesome, because everyone who went to the store got quickly absorbed into building things.

LittleBits Lights Kamal busting out beats

In the evening there were tons of amazing presentations by Recursers, but I didn't write any down! I need to go poking around, I haven't logged into Zulip since, so not sure if anyone live-zuliped the presentations.

#recursecenter #littlebits