RC Alumni Visit 2015-08-09

I spent a few hours in the RC space on Sunday. I first tried to port http://pseudoweb.net to this blog, but utterly failed. So many things went wrong, the least of which is I can't deploy to GAE right now, and I don't know why.

@kamalmarhubi and I sat down for forty-five minutes and I gave a mock-interview. It had been a while since I had interviewed anyone, and I wanted to focus on "devops" and systems, so I think it went pretty well. I realized I don't know enough about how SSL works though.

Then @rwong48 and I met for a coffee walk, where we talked about K-Pop, software jobs, the internet, and other stuff. It was fun.

In the evening I added support for verygoods.co to mood.natwelch.com and just enjoyed having furniture to lounge on. I really need to fix that about my apartment. Not having places to lounge is detrimental to my internet browsing.