Day 90 (RC 40)

Only ten more days... sadnat.com.

I continued my work from Sunday, rewriting how my mood board serves data. You can kind of get an idea of what I'm doing in the pull request. Basically instead of hitting every servers twice (once asking for what the content of the link is, a second time for the image), I'll have the first request cached, and just ask for the image. It's not working yet, but progress.

I found a bug in swish and submitted two (1, 2) pull requests to fix the bugs I found.

I did not help Kamal with CSS and prototyping. I'll need to get to that tomorrow.

I did help Steve with golang templates. That was fun.

I started on my path to write something every day after RC.

I took a long walk with @nicholasbs, trying to get a handle on whether or not NYC is the right city for me.

We had a great talk by @nathanmarz on Clojure and his specter project.