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Apple's new macbook is interesting if you think of it as a direct competitor to Google's Pixel. The Macbook blows the Pixel out of the water, except for ports, and makes me skeptical if I could switch to it. Chrome OS is the real reason I don't want to switch to the Pixel (and the weight).

My setup at work is a 30" monitor I plug my laptop (a 2013 Macbook Air) into and code away on, and when I'm not at my desk, I just code on my laptop. With one port (and the accessories announced so far) it's unclear how I would plug my monitor, my usb stuff (headphone amp and security key) and charge my laptop all at the same time.



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When I was working at @punchd, @helloxander (and really the rest of the team) turned me into a Kanye West addict. I already enjoyed his music at the time, but the team convinced me of his genius, or at least turned me onto the idea of deeply analyzing everything he does. As Dave Chappelle said Kanye knows deep down, that he is dope, and has known this for a long time.