Day 7 (RC 1)

Bam! Another day complete. Here are a bunch of bullet points about my second day at @recursecenter.

  • First priority of the was to fix a bug in my blog.
  • I spent the morning reading this awesome crazy paper about governments. It's the original paper for Paxos, which is a common algorithm in Distributed Systems.
  • Took a break to help Andrew with some Nginx config questions, and tried and point Libby in the right direction with her Apache questions.
  • "The Paxos algorithm, when presented in plain English, is very simple." Abstract for the simpler version of Paxos. I was also pointed at a visualization of Paxos by Rob.
  • I had a long talk with Ken about all kinds of stuff, including how we both know Seth (and that Seth is great people).
  • @neha walked us through Paxos, which was an interesting review of what I had read. I had originally thought of writing paper reviews of every paper I read, but this talk made me realize I didn't really understand it.
    • Maybe I also need a better reading environment at RC... it was really loud so I had trouble focusing. I wonder if there is a printer...
    • I'm not feeling up to it today, but at some point I want to work through 6.824 Lab 3.
  • I grabbed dinner at Chipotle with a bunch of people, which included conversations with Heidi, Alex, Olivia, Agustin and Gonçalo.
  • After dinner I read through Prim's Algorithm on Wikipedia_algorithm), and this javascript implementation of it. I also watched The Scythian - Positive Female Characters in Video Games, which was fantastic.

Things to maybe look into later: