Day 6 (RC Day 0)

Recurse Center Day 0. Summary: Whoa. So many people.

I spent today for the first time realizing I'm in a similar time zone as my friends again, which is super weird, and then also getting this constant stream of meeting new faces. I had conversations today with people named Cory, Rob, Steve, Jesse, Alex, Emma and Nick. Chatted over beers with Jenna, Gonçalo and Agustín. Plus brief hand shakings and introductions with a bunch of other people.

After a fun introduction to RC (with lots of advice and introductions and whatnots), I sat down and read timbray's Google + 1yr post. All of this makes sense, although at only one week outside of the machine, I don't know how I feel yet.

Jesse pointed me at Joshua Davis. His personal site has all of this cool stuff, including his work with Diplo and his work with Phantomgram.

I watched two talks by him, one for Toyota and one from W3Conf.

I reread through Mike Bostock's Visualizing Algorithms post. This post reminded me how much I had to learn.

Things I had forgotten / didn’t know:

  • JS Bitwise OPs - I didn’t know what <<= did.
  • Spanning Tree and Minimum Spanning Tree - It’s been so long since I last thought about this stuff. The wikipedia pages aren’t very good, I’ll need to go dig out a better source for graph stuff and reread it.

Stuff to read next:

Code to read through:

Other random stuff to look into:

The day ended with a talk by @neha. She talked about the high level types of problems existing in database systems, focusing on how CAP, ACID and other uses of the word consistency work. I have experienced a lot of this during my time at Google, but her talk made me realize I really didn't understand a lot of the fundamental problems that were being dealt with and the decisions that were being made. I hope I can sit down and talk to her more, she seems super interesting.

A great day! Here's to many more.

#hackerschool (I guess I should go through and change all these tags... or maybe write an ability to alias tags...)


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Ok, I won't lie to you, I lost a lot of time today to reading about Google I/O and discussing it with people. Sadly none of Google's announcements promissed a way to lower device turnover. We're still gonna have to buy a new device every year if we want the newest version of Android. It's realities like this that make me want to move to Apple devices, no matter how much better Android is.

I spent most of Monday restructuring my Code Words article on DDoS. Slowly things are coming together.

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! First week of the new batch, Summer 1, 2015. RC batches overlap, which I think is pretty cool. So the first six weeks, half of the people here were from Spring 1, 2015, and then for the second six weeks, half of the people here are from Summer 1, 2015. Yay change!