Day 8 (RC 2)

Wednesday! Hump-day: Week One!

I was introduced to Iron Blogger today. I really like the idea, and I'm trying to get some people in on it that are currently at RC. I might setup lazerwalker/iron-blogger on heroku and get that rolling. Or maybe just do something low-tech.

Yesterday, the discussion of a "meet everyone at RC app" came up in my long discussion with Ken. I sketched out some possible UX flows in the morning.

I did a Fog Code Review, and had a discussion about the current state of fog-google in an issue.

I found that Karl was quite broken, tried fixing it, gave up (and left it in a broken state like a jerk), decided to write from scratch, but did not start on that.

I also attempted to update CraftyJS's version in CDNjs. That did not work out well.

The three weather bots used in the chat room we use for scheduling out daily walks are broken, so I started writing walkbot. I discovered that I do not like Zulip's API, and was writing the bot assuming the API was written differently than it is. I guess I need to change my design to match their python library...

I spent some time and changed my blog design at the request of @reed and @dmpatierno after we chatted on hangouts. I'm not too happy with the current state of how it looks. I need to play around with the layout more. It was also discovered that my SSL cert isn't quite right, so I need to fix that, and also, I want to fix the time formatting on this blog. Maybe if I get some more time I can also add draft saving functionality. I also fixed my twitter posting so if there is a title, it is in the tweet.

I had lunch at a Thai place with a bunch of RC people, which was quite good. Had a nice chat with Brian while getting sandwiches for dinner.

I bought tickets for Different Games this weekend, which should be fun.

Things to look into later:

  • http://gamecenter.nyu.edu/
  • Add more features to sadnat.com (it took till today to mention sadnat.com in chat! That's a good thing I guess)