Project #tenbysix Update #8

Oh god. Two months of #tenbysix are up. Uhm, ok. I need to make more progress. Here's what I did this week... which is not nearly enough.

Stuff I worked on this week:

Friday morning I sat down and wrote about Gandalf in my notebook for thirty minutes. I also read about copyright and trademark law and how what I'm proposing probably wouldn't fly as a commercial entity. How I understood it is that if you use the name Gandalf in the context of Lord of the Rings, it is trademark infringement. If you just use the name Gandalf, it's not.

I'm thinking about making Forgetful an OS X app, so I skimmed through a getting started with Swift guide.

But first I decided to make a simple webapp, because I know how to prototype that quickly. One thing I started reading about, but decided to stable was building postgres full text search apps. I think text search will be key for forgetful, but I wanted to start dumb simple.

So I built a simple web app that lets you save a quote. It barely works, but it works. Yay progress.


There is no auth or anything, so I'm not gonna put this up anywhere yet.

My biggest question now, is what is the best way to archive an entire site. I don't know if this is valuable, or if it's out of scope, but it's something I have been thinking of. I'd love to have the whole site, all of its assets, and a full page screenshot, generated whenever you save a quote from a site.

The workflow would be something like:

  • highlight some text in chrome
  • click a bookmark short cut
  • a popup with the url, the highlighted text, and a note text box
  • you click save, the server saves that data, and then a cron job snapshots the website for archival needs

And when I put it like that, it reads like I'm duplicating Pinboard.

Projects I didn't touch: