Wow, I have totally fallen out of habit posting these. That being said, let's try and get a #happy post out right now. It's lunch time (kind of...), so lets list some links!

I enjoyed reading How to Read More Books This Year. I felt great since I actually already do most of these things... except for the paper book thing. I'm a hardcore kindle convert.

@adactio talking about Open source is a nice meta-article. The promise of open source is pretty messed up when people don't help out.

Sampha's Tiny Desk Concert was great. So was Delicate Steve's.

My new job doesn't use gmail, so I'm using so this article on how to change the Archive keyboard shortcut was amazing. I missed being able to use e to get through my mail quickly.

After 12 Rejections, Apple Accepts App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes was a great read. I've been following this story for a while, and was surprised to learn that I work with this guy now, which is cool.

Sheelah Kolhatkar on Longform was an interesting dive on economics reporting, and also just a woman with a fascinating career. It was particularly good primer then for Neural Networks and Suspicious Edge.

I'm starting to play with beets music library now that I've abandoned iTunes and still refuse to use most streaming services.

The new 12-sided £1 Coin is really cool.

The Subway by @Rcriddler is a fun little programming project for optimizing a certain type of trip in NY.

I love the work @zeithq is doing Next.js 2.0 sounds just as cool.

The Handmaid's Tale Trailer looks great. I haven't read this book since high-school, maybe it's time I reread it.

Do you know how much your computer can do in a second? is a fun little game for programmer types.

Bash quirks by @b0rk continues her series of amazingly informative blog posts on software.

Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers was good advice for someone who is just joining a large javascript organization like I am. Thanks @ginatrapani.

The Counterpointer III is a neat synth.

15 Five-Minute Breakfast Ideas That Aren't All Toast was a good list of breakfasts. I'm trying to get better at making breakfast, so lots of ideas in here.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia is a great article by @monteiro about my favorite online website. Also, his Ethics can’t be a side hustle is also amazing if you haven't read it.

I love Drake, and I enjoyed @genius's All The Samples & Production Credits For Drake's 'More Life'.

Where It’s Made: The Times Newspaper scratches all of my infrastructure itches.

I didn't know what Millennial Pink was. Now I know. Thanks internet.

I gave up early on in the Top Gear reboot, but The Verge has Five reasons to give the new Top Gear a chance. All it got me to do was to finish the last three episodes of The Grand Tour, but I'm thinking about it now.

the best art is an amazing project. I've tried making something like this a few times, and it always printed gibberish. I'm incredibly impressed by what @nicolehe has created, and the works she is creating after that. Great job!

I hadn't read most of the Hacker koans before today. Some of them are kind of neat.

Hope you have a great day!