What's making me happy 2017-04-04

So, I'm home sick with the flu (or something that looks like it at least...), and even with that, I still can't get a #happy post out on time. But that being said, here's a week's worth of links that I enjoyed.

The Dickerson Pyramid is a rather important part of SRE, and @n0r1's Too Big To Fail: Lessons Learnt from Google and HealthCare.gov is a great high level overview of it and other great SRE lessons from Google.

Sockpuppets, Secessionists, and Breitbart is a depressing but interesting article about politics and Twitter.

Why I Always Tug on the ATM by @briankrebs is a good reminder to always be vigilant for credit card fraud. I found a skimmer on the ATM around the corner from my apartment when I lived in London, so am always very paranoid about this. That being said, Krebs points out the biggest thing you can do is cover the pin key pad.

There was a new episode of Rick And Morty which was great, but the whole "lets show an episode and then you have to wait till summer" thing makes me sad.

I have a deep love of flip-slat and flip-dot displays, so watching ORBITAL and reading Atlas Obscura's piece on Analog Departure Boards - was deeply satisfying to me.

I loved NPR's video of PWR BTTM: Live At SXSW 2017. Just great music.

Kendrick Lamar's new music video HUMBLE is beautiful.

Studio Ghibli API is neat for my programmer friends out there.

I really enjoyed the first episode of the Stoner podcast. It's an interesting interview show about people who consume marijuana.

Oh and I'm still enjoying The Expanse, The Magicians and Billions. All three are on their second season and are doing really well.

I hope you enjoy your week!