Day 0 + 1

I arrived in NYC yesterday, beginning my 101 days in the city.

Day 0 (2015-03-24) was basically a wash: spent the day traveling from SF, finding my AirBnB, eating, sleeping. I did finish my posts describing that I was doing this though, so that's a plus.

Day 1 I wandered around Manhattan and Brooklyn. I tried to get a handle on the subway, which caused many detours and long walks, but over all I feel like I'm starting to get a hang of it all.

I walked from the bottom of Central Park up to the Met and wandered through the Greek, American, Modern and Asian halls. I took pictures of a few pieces that made me think about stuff I could build for Hacker School (which I guess announced a name change to "Recurse Center"). I posted the pieces I liked in the Hacker School Inspiration Flickr set.

Later I ended up in Bushwick that had some good coffee and some neat street art.

I'm trying to nail down what I want to get done in the first month in NYC (three weeks of which will be in HS/RC) and some goals for the first week at school. Here's a rough sketch of what I'm leaning towards so far in OKR form:

Establish Good Habits

  • Write a blog post every day about my time in NYC.
  • Walk for 30 minutes every day outside of my commute.
  • Talk to someone I don't know every day
  • Sketch something every day

Work on projects combining Art and Programming

  • Add dynamically generated mazes to Karl
  • Build a tree generator (something that creates pictures that look like renderings of some of the sculptures in my aforementioned Flickr set).
  • Fix hosting problems (find, build or setup an alternative to Heroku)
  • Fix bugs in and finish podcasting site

All of this is a first pass though, gotta keep thinking about my goals and what I want.