New York 2010

I recently took a vacation to New York City to visit an old friend. The trip was
a blast and ended up being some of the most fun I've had in a long while.

I arrived Thursday morning, around 7am, at JFK. I took the A train into
Manhattan, and met my friend Aaron at the FIT Dorms by Penn Station. We had a
quick breakfast, but then he headed into work and I started to walk up 8th


I passed the New York Times Building, which is just gorgeous. I continued to
walk North, and found Columbus Circle and Central Park. Instead of walking up
Central Park West, I went up Broadway, but quickly realized my mistake. I tried
cutting across the park on 65th street, and let me tell you, that road is not
built for people.

I found the Met, but it had a pretty long line, so I decided to wander around
the Upper East Side. I fell asleep in a Starbucks, and enjoyed Pizza at this
delicious place called Roma's.

Cool Architecture
Cool Architecture

I then walked back to the Met, and spent three awesome hours wandering around

Met Entrance

I really loved the wide variety of stuff inside the Met, and the Picasso
exhibit was awesome (although it really showed his decent into insanity...).

Cool Rock
Awesome Painting
Cool Architecture Rendering
Cool Photo
Met Skylight

Probably the thing that made me the happiest about the Met though, is that they
are using user submitted photos on Flickr in their advertising campaign. It
seems so obvious and so awesome all at the same time.

Flickr Based Ads.

Afterwards I got a little lost in Central Park.

Cool Architecture
Cool Architecture

That night Aaron and I hung out in Park Slope. I had some really good New York
beer, and I met some cool people.

The next day I took the subway down to NYU and [Washington square][ws].

NYU Auditorium

NYU was pretty cool, but rather empty because it's summer. Thanks to my phone,
I was able to find [the Strand][ts]. The Strand has 18 miles of books, inside and
outside. I was giddy, and if I wasn't supposed to meet a family friend for
lunch, I probably would have never left.

The Strand

I bought a book, and found a coffee shop, [Everyman Espresso][ee], and read
while the rain poured down outside.

Amazing coffee

After lunch with my family friend, I wandered around the area. I tried to visit
the Apple Store, but it was raining so there was a line of people trying to get
in. Finally four o'clock rolled around, I wandered over to the MoMA and met up
with Aaron. We saw the Matisse exhibit, which was awesome. The rest of the
floors were hit or miss, but there was a lot of really gorgeous art in there.

Apple Store
MoMA entrance
Cool Buildings

That night a group of ten of us or so went out to a few bars in Manhattan. The
two that I remember the names of are "High Bar" and "Joshua Tree". The next day
we slept in (the bars are open till four, which is amazing), and then visited
the World Trade Center. We got a picture together even, near the Irish Hunger
Memorial (cool random place we stumbled across).

The skyline
Aaron and I

That night we went to the bars around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Everywhere we
went was pretty cool, although I especially liked the bar called "The Union
Pool". It was basically a combination of every great house party I've ever been

You can see all of these photos and more in [my Flickr set for this summer][fl].


[ws]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Square_%!C(MISSING)ounting_Crows_song%! (MISSING)"Couldn't stop humming this song..."
[ee]: http://foursquare.com/venue/44002
[ts]: http://foursquare.com/venue/96103
[fl]: http://www.flickr.com/photos/icco/sets/72157624466892219/


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