Day 61

I spent a bunch of time on Sunday fixing things on my blog. I first fixed CSS bug I had on the tag pages. Then I converted my blog to the new App Engine imports. Not sure where I discovered this, but now you can use normal App Engine imports on non-Managed VM App Engine, which is awesome. Less of a dependency on the Google Cloud SDK and its brokenness is nice.

I also did a little work on the RSS reader I started two weeks ago.

I started watching Noragami. Since I've been here, I have had a few hard drive failures (one external, and then something wrong on my NAS at my parents), so I'm back to watching television on Netflix. Netflix recommended this show, and so far, it's been pretty good.

In the evening John and I attended a small BBQ with Ken, Heidi and some of Heidi's friends.

Overall a great day.