Day 60

Spent most of the day hanging out with Johnny Scout. We explored the high line, the Northern end of Central Park and various beer bars.

Gorgeous day overall. Only downside is I lost track of time and didn't make it to Brooklyn to hang with the new RC batch... sadnat.com.


#recursecenter (Aliases should work now...)


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So much #inspiration today. Or at least content to get me thinking about things. @niket and I had a chat on Wednesday (someone remind me to write a blog post on how I keep in touch with people), and one person that came up was his friend Gary Chou. This morning I had an email introducing us, which led me into internet stalker mode. Who is this guy? I had researched Orbital 1k a little, but that's all I knew.

Slow day today. I went to The Ulitimate Science Street Fair in Washington Square Park with a few people from RC. We walked around for about an hour before the heat started to get to me and I ran back and hid in a room with AC.