Day 11

I spent Saturday at Different Games, which was held at NYU MAGNET. The talks were very focused on promoting the diversity of video games. Diversity in controllers, characters, play styles and the people creating them. Probably the coolest talk was about building controllers by @iColpitts, where we built a duck feeding game. I didn't enjoy myself as much as I had hoped though.

I think I'm running into a problem I noticed in London. I'm spending a lot of time with lots of new people, and on Saturday I noticed I wasn't interacting with people as much and started recoiling back internally. DG would have been a great place to meet people, but the energy and strength just wasn't there. "Nat shy mode activated!" I think Thursday was actually when I started reaching the edge of how much I could interact with people, I started hiding off in the corner for most of the day during RC.

I wonder if this is somerhing I can easily combat. Is it a need of physical space? Quiet alone time? Just more actual sleep?

Because of this, I ducked out of DG a little early. I feel guilty I didn't check out the Arcade or really talk to anyone, but I was spent. As I left, I was thinking of just holing up in a coffee shop, but felt that I needed more space than that. So I started walking home.


It was a gorgeous day, although really windy. I tried cutting though the Brookyln Navy Yard, but security quickly stopped me. I wouldn't say this walk is beautiful, as you're constantly walking through trash and next to rundown waterside developments, but you constantly have a view of Manhattan which is quite beautiful. It's also interesting to watch the neighborhoods change from being primarily colored near downtown, and then very white as you pass though Williamsburg. So much construction everywhere as well.

Anyways, Week Two in NYC is complete. On to the next!