2010: Year In Review

Ah yes, 2010. You were a good year. You, like any year, had your ups and your downs, but at the very least you provided me with some good data.

In 2010, I started playing with foursquare. I didn't stick with it too long, but it created some interesting graphs. For example, I went to New York City to visit my friend Aaron over the summer:

And on this map, you can see where I work, go to school and play:

This year I also got really into ruby and GitHub. Here are a few projects I worked on:

I also listened to a lot of music. Because I use Last.FM to log everything to listen to, I have a nice little graph to show my last year of listening

Also, there are a few other listening graphs...

And I continued to work at iFixit, which generates all kinds of fun graphs. Here is a graph showing how often I committed on average per day.


in 2010, I:

  • Went to NYC and Washington, DC.
  • Wrote lots of code
  • Listened to lots of music
  • Went to work

in 2011, I plan on:

  • Graduating
  • Traveling Europe
  • Moving to a city