Day 76 (RC 32)

Arrived in NYC at 7am, took a cab home, passed out in my bed.

I finally made it into RC around 1500. I dicked around on the internet for a little bit, and then talked to Sophie about how to attempt to reverse engineer web services. We ended up going down an interesting rabbit hole comparing how different news organizations do Live Streams, since we had the WWDC 2015 keynote going on.

We compared The Verge and ArsTechnica. Ars's made a lot of sense, as it was just a simple JSON poll for all events to display. Verge was doing this weird thing where they were writing the entire page into S3 every three seconds. It confused us, but then we found a blog post describing Verge's Live Blog system.

In the evening I want to the Monday night talk, this week by Allison Parrish. I need to ask her for slides, it was a pretty inspiring talk on cool things you can build combining art and technology, specifically as it relates to the written word.

Totally unrelated:




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I spent Saturday at the Soundscapes Music Hackathon. It was interesting, and a well run event, but I just didn't know enough music stuff to quickly hack something together that I wanted to present.

Today was the first truly bad commute in NYC. Train got stuck for at least fifteen minutes, so I ended up abandoning the G train and walking a bit, which was fine, because it was gorgeous out! During my walk and long commute, I listened to the latest Design Matters. Morley talked about how a mentor told her to look in the mirror and say "I love you" every day for a year. I found this concept frightening, which is very interesting to me. Her following point really hit the idea home, which was "if you can't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you" (paraphrased). Later in the day, I was watching Kendrick Lamar perform "i", and I realized he was saying the same thing, so I read through the lyrics. The annotations led me to this gem by Kendrick: