Day 73 through 75

I flew to Los Gatos on Friday, to attend my brother's High School graduation. I'm super proud of him. We have a generally weird relationship given that I'm nine years older than him. He's just entering college, and I've been out of college for a few years. That being said, I love him to death. He's incredibly talented and way smarter than me (and also in way better shape, I need to get on that).

For graduation I got him some books, because he doesn't read enough and is uncultured swine.

  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Fight Club
  • American Gods

I selected these because they are fantastic books, and I'm hoping he appreciates them. He's going to go work at a scout camp for the summer, so he'll have some time away from electronics to read and enjoy them.

On Saturday, in the morning, I put more work into giftionary.city. Then, I had lunch with @reed, I got to see his new house and we watched planes take off and land from SFO. In the evening I got a few folks from Simple Casual together at Zeitgeist and we talked late into the night about tech, SF, music and other stupid stuff.

On Sunday I ate too much. I had breakfast with @lewei and @dmpatierno, and then the three of us had lunch with @niket, @KreemN, @helloxander and @nndesai. In the evening my dad and I screamed at the TV as we watched the warriors game. Then I took a redeye back to NYC.