Time for a morning #happy post!

I know a bunch of folks at Keen IO, so I was excited to hear about their acquisition by Scaleworks.

I usually keep tech till later in the post, but since we're already up here, I enjoyed these two opposing posts: Eleven syscalls that rock the world and Eleven syscalls that suck.

Three interesting github repos I came across:

I really enjoyed @micahflee's article Snowden’s New App Uses Your Smartphone To Physically Guard Your Laptop. It made me go down the rabbit hole of trying to find a cheap Android phone. I didn't find a great list or answer, but Best Budget Phones of 2017 was alright.

Speaking of which, I feel like I'm just lost in "Best Of" articles. One that I actually enjoyed reading about was The Best Electric Skateboard from @wirecutter. I also enjoyed their The Best Things We Bought in 2017.

I enjoyed All Songs Considered's The Year In Music 2017.

Two nice 2017 articles from the @recursecenter community:

Speaking of @recursecenter, I was really excited to read about RC Pop-up: Two weeks of collaboration and focused work on generative art. I really wanted to attend this, but the timing wasn't quite right. That being said, I am really happy it had such a positive result!

Unrelated to all of this, I've been doing lots of crypto trading. And as the year is ending, I'm thinking about taxes. Most articles I came across were pretty full of nonsense, but Coinbase's Taxes FAQ was pretty good.

I was really excited to see my college town featured in the NYT: How Tech Expanded From Silicon Valley to Bubblegum Alley.

A flattering review of some content on my work's website, Topic: Maria Bamford Is Here To Help You Through The Christmas Blues. Also on Topic, I enjoyed You are good at things.

Finally, I'll leave you with Mansplaining, Explained. Because it's the comic we all need.

Have a great holiday!