Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy. First we had a week of publishing new websites and apps to compete with the RNC:

These were all really well accepted, and #trumpyourself did so well we took down portions of the website.

I'm really hoping we can write a public postmortem on that. It was quite a ride!

Then we had the DNC. Since I never paid a ton of attention to politics before this, I didn't realize how much conventions were about defining a narrative for the party for the next four years. It's a weird event, but it had some amazing speeches and videos. I was at my desk in Brooklyn watching most of these as we were improving things and making sure the website stayed up, but it was still a blast. Lots of cheering throughout the office, and lots of late night pizza.

There were two great musical numbers that I loved.

Early on, Al Franken gave a fun speech, and then did another with Sarah Silverman

The Obama's both gave amazing speeches. The First Lady brought the crowd to tears, and the President really pitched Hillary Clinton hard. President Obama had a beautiful introduction video as well, which was very moving.

All three Clintons gave great speeches as well.

Joe Biden (and his intro video) brought me to tears. He made a rousing speech on why America is great and that we should respect our Armed Forces.

Khizr Khan spoke about his son, Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq. It was incredibly moving and inspiring.

Finally, it wasn't the best speech, nor was it the most moving speech, but I really loved Admiral John Hutson's speech. His speech caused me to go research more about him, and he has a really cool history.

Anyways, I'm glad that it's all over. I'm ready to get some sleep.