What's making me happy 2024-01-07

Ok, new year, new attempt at getting back on the #happy train. Some content I consumed and enjoyed this week:

  • Resumed my watching of Komi-san. This show continues to be one of the greatest feel-good anime. It's an interesting look at anxiety, with some wacky anime hijinks thrown in.
  • I saw The Boy and The Heron. Not Ghibli's best work, but beautiful art and an interesting allegory for grief.
  • Started this seasons anime of Solo Leveling (action), Frieren (feel good fantasy) and The Apothecary Diaries (historical drama / comedy). All three look like they're going to have great seasons.
  • Continued For All Mankind. This show continues to be absolutely wild and some of the best Science Fiction on TV right now.
  • Matt Mullenweg on the Tim Ferris show was a nice listen. Normally Tim Ferris drives me a bit up the wall, but I enjoyed this discussion.
  • Listened to a few great episodes of Longform Evan Hughes, Craig Mod and Daisy Alito.
  • Really enjoyed learning about the history of Intellijel from the podcast Why We Bleep 040: Intellijel.
  • Also read the latest volume of Saga which continues to be good, even if it's getting really weird.
  • I read Blue Lock vol. 22 which is getting really boring. It might be time to drop the series.

I'm not really keeping track of newsletters or blog posts I read anymore, that should go into my todo at some point this year. But for now, this is a good starting place.

Hope you all had a good week, happy 2024!