What's making me happy 2019-04-20

Hi Team! #happy day! I hope you're all doing well.

I've been really loving watching Fleabag. Such an amazing and hilarious TV show.

AR Subway Card/Map by @tamrrat as really cool.

@aleffert is running for president and he launched a podcast describing the crazy process of running for president.

Minimizing the Risk of Data Damage is a fantastic article on doing safe changes in database designs.

Invest 10% of your income, no matter what you earn, this is pretty reasonable advice. Also in great financial advice, Buy Yourself a F*^king Latte

aberke/city-science-bike-swarm: A swarm of bikes pulsating light in harmony take the city streets. You can see more on her instagram.

Allison Mack of ‘Smallville’ Pleads Guilty in Case of Nxivm ‘Sex Cult’.

Kubecost is a tool for attempting to monitor cost in Kubernetes.

In podcasts, Game of Thrones is back! Which means Binge Mode is back covering GoT! Also great were the two most recent Reply All episodes: The Roman Mars Mazda Virus and The Reply All Hotline.

Have a great week!