Day 35 (RC 18)

It just hit me that it's week five of my batch. I need to sit down and figure out what I've completed. I originally wanted to ship something every three weeks, I wonder if I'm on track for that. Recurse Center has been a weird place compared to how I normally work.

My normal modus operandi is to follow what I picked up at Google, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Set an objective, create measurable criteria to meet it, then re-evaluate on a set period (usually weekly or monthly).

My only objective at RC has been "build stuff", which has the key result of launch five things between March 30th and July 2nd. As we near the halfway point of RC (which is a little less than my halfway point for my time in NYC), I'm starting to wonder if I should have been more concrete in my goals, or if this level of abstraction was appropriate. Something to ponder.

Today was slightly productive. I slept in and then played a bunch of Broken Age Act 2. Afterwards, I spent some time researching building a drum machine that works on both the web and Android.

I then spent a few hours building /tags and /links. Links is still kind of broken...

I also thought about color, but not sure what I think about it yet. Maybe instead of music I'll play with Go and data visualizations instead.