I am not happy with my blog. I really have just lost enthusiasm with this whole domain really, so I think I need to reboot it. So here is what I'm thinking:

  1. Switch to Habari. I've been a long time reader of BinaryBonsai and I've been following Habari's development on and off. I think it's reached a point where I'm ready to switch over.
  2. Code my own Design from scratch. I've switched between hand-coded designs and using other people's designs for awhile. I think when I make the switch to Habari will be the right time to do this. I'm looking for a mix between BinaryBonsai, Ma.tt, and Subtraction.com I think. I also plan on making natwelch.com simpler. Start having it pull from different content streams on this site and others. That way new posts here will fill in that site more.
  3. Finish coding Ideaius. Seriously. My original plan was to release Monday, which is not happening. So I'm gonna aim for Christmas and pray no one makes something better before then.
  4. I'm not sure how much of this site I'm going to save. After I lost all of my posts two years ago, I gave up writing on this site. I think if I commit to one good post a month and port just my favorite posts from here, I'll be happy.

Anyway, that's just a heads up.