A while ago, I was posting weekly about what was making me #happy. Today I'm going to try something else that I'm calling #TNI. The idea is something interesting: a link, and a photo or excerpt of text.

Today's #tni:

Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure Trailer

A video game that promotes exercise and also looks fun? I'm in.


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I'm pretty excited about Gittip. Hoping for big things.

I was playing around with the new https://beta.fec.gov and found that it was pretty easy to get a bunch of data about who is donating to what. So I wrote a little script to download the data and figure out how much Google employees were donating to political campaigns from January 1st, 2015 until now.

Wired is doing some great stuff with Star Wars right now. Chris Hardwick's editorial is hilarious. Cartoon Network's Toonami did the same thing for me as Star Wars did for him. Also, the lego photos are a work of art, albeit I had seen them before.