Day 63 (RC 25)

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! First week of the new batch, Summer 1, 2015. RC batches overlap, which I think is pretty cool. So the first six weeks, half of the people here were from Spring 1, 2015, and then for the second six weeks, half of the people here are from Summer 1, 2015. Yay change!

The first half of the first day is devoted to introductions and orientation. One of my favorite parts is that the previous batch (the one half way through) gives advice to the incoming batch. The Spring 1 batch gave the following advice (stolen from notes taken by @lunacodess and @msapaydin):

And then we gave the following advice to Summer 1:

I think all of this is great advice for surviving RC. People are in all places of life when they come to RC, so people need to be reminded of different things. For me, remembering to exercise, be social and still finish things is huge. Also, writing every day has been incredibly helpful. But other people have different needs, so figuring that out at the six week mark and passing it on to the new batch is a cool way to force people to think about the struggles they've faced.

One thing I learned was also in a tweet this morning:

Anyways, after the morning of advice, I spent some time fixing some spelling, grammar and attribution issues on ruby.fm/about (I mean, geez who confuses Lil Wayne with Drake?).

In the afternoon I coded more for more RSS reader, Roughly Today. We took a break and went on a walk up to Washington Square Park around 15:30. In the evening there was pizza and game night. I played a long game of Munchkin with Becca, Betsy, John, Ken and Charlie which was a blast.