Trunk Club is Awesome.

So a few months ago, my friend and coworker Niket was talking about Trunk Club. Basically, he stated that it was cool, but really expensive. I didn't entirely understand the idea, so I went online and researched.

The gist of the company is this: Trunk Club wants you to dress better, so they will team you up with a stylist and send you clothes for free. You try everything on, and then send back what you do not like. You only pay for what you keep, everything else (stylist recommendations, shipping and return shipping) are all free.

This sounded pretty awesome to me. I am a single guy now living in SF with a full-time salary, but I know next to nothing about good clothes and lack a source of advice on the subject. So I signed up. Trunk Club asked for some basic information such as my sizes, lists of brands I liked and what types of clothes I was looking for.

A week or so passed, and then I received an email from a woman named Katherine. She welcomed me into the program, and then asked if we could talk over the phone. When we finally talked, we discussed everything I had filled in on the form, plus clarified exactly what I was looking for. I said thanks and we parted ways. She was pretty helpful in clarifying details about the program and figuring out what sorts of clothes I really wanted, which was nice.

Something like ten days later, my trunk arrived!

Trunk Club Box

My roommate Jeanne was kind enough to help me throw a small little fashion show in out living room. I tried stuff on and she took pictures so I could send them back with my oppinions to Katherine.

Trunk Club Outfit 1 Trunk Club Outfit 2 Trunk Club Outfit 3 Trunk Club Outfit 4

So the box contained nine items (four shirts, four pants and a jacket). I tried everything on and liked two of the shirts and two pairs of pants.

I then did the dramatic envelope opening telling me how much the entire box cost: $1500. Oi. Kind of intense, but I wasn't too surprised. Jeanne laughed at me when I told her this was more than I had spent on clothes the entire time I was in college. So, I picked my two favorite shirts, and shipped the rest back (had to find the nearest FedEx place).

The whole process left me incredibly satisfied. I wrote a nice email to Katherine explaining my thoughts on the clothes she sent me and included the pictures, and apparently she's going to contact me in December so we can try the whole thing again. I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyways, check out Trunk Club if you are interested in getting into the world of nice clothes and just don't know where to start.