New Post, Who Dis?

Ok, so... I haven't posted in a long time. A really long time. In my defense, things that have happened since last post, in no particular order:

  • Got married
  • Had my 30th birthday
  • Released a book
  • Traveled to France
  • A bunch of other small stuff

I plan on writing a post for each of those things, but until then, I just wanted to say, yes, I'm still alive.

The reason (and it's a stupid reason) for the lack of posts, besides being completly overwhelmed, is that I basically scrapped the old https://writing.natwelch.com and rewrote using graphql. If you're interested in participating in Hacktoberfest, I've added issues to both repos:

Hope you are all doing well, happy Fall.



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Interesting datavis showing money and public transportation. Pretty neat.

RC is holding Never Graduate Week. This is actually a pretty cool idea, it's basically an alumni week that brings a lot of people to NYC to work together as if they were still actively attending RC. This is nice, because RC operates similar to the idea of an Eagle Scout. Recursers are told to "Never Graduate" and because of this, are Recursers for life. This is similar to Eagle Scouts, in that when a Scout acheives the rank of Eagle, they are told to basically lead by example to improve society and those around them.