New Post, Who Dis?

Ok, so... I haven't posted in a long time. A really long time. In my defense, things that have happened since last post, in no particular order:

  • Got married
  • Had my 30th birthday
  • Released a book
  • Traveled to France
  • A bunch of other small stuff

I plan on writing a post for each of those things, but until then, I just wanted to say, yes, I'm still alive.

The reason (and it's a stupid reason) for the lack of posts, besides being completly overwhelmed, is that I basically scrapped the old https://writing.natwelch.com and rewrote using graphql. If you're interested in participating in Hacktoberfest, I've added issues to both repos:

Hope you are all doing well, happy Fall.



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Sigh. The second quarter of 2017 is over. The year is halfway done. 2016 flew by at the speed of sound, so I didn't get consistent reviews written, but this year, I'm trying to get back on the horse. More writing at a more steady pace!

It's twelve days until the election, and twelve is my favorite number, so I figure I'd list my twelve favorite endorsements of HRC in no particular order. Note that some of these I love because of what they are saying, not nessisarily because I love the person. In other cases, I love what they are saying and love the work they do.

Lets start with the important detail, I had food from Dosa Man for lunch. So good. Would recommend.

This was originally meant for the [iFixit.com blog][1]. iFixit never published it (because I never finished it), so I decided to clean it up a year later and publish it here. It should be noted that I am no longer employed by iFixit, and my views do not represent those of iFixit, nor my current employer, Google.