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So, a while back, I mentioned I was super excited for the new Deus Ex game. One thing I screen-capped from the E3 Trailer at 1:39 and then have been staring at ever since, is this environmental scene of someone's apartment.


I particularly love the lighting fixture at the top. So much so that I've been sketching out ways to build it. I was thinking of adding an Arduino to then use some sort of data (probably weather) to affect the colors.

This morning, I saw a tweet from Twilio talking about some chandeleir that was at their conference. It had a picture attached.

My brain instantaneously went "it's a huge version of the thing I want to build!"

The link led me to an article by the firm that built the thing with lots of photos and also an interview and brief description on the twilio blog. Pretty cool stuff!

Now I've got to build mine, although it'll be much smaller and simpler...

Update: I watched through the gameplay trailer of #deusex, and snapped some more cool lighting.




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