Day 17

Today was a day spent thinking and recharging. I didn't go into RC because I had this theory after last week that if I took Friday off, I wouldn't be so burnt out that I couldn't explore NYC on the weekends (and have energy for socializing and the like).

I started the morning off with a delicious breakfast and practiced sketching. I've been wanting to get into daily sketching, but I keep putting it off. This morning I sat down and filled up a page in my notebook with attempts. My inspiration to get off my bum was the last two comics on Johnny Wanderer. It turned out alright, I'll need to keep at it for sure.

I went back to my room and dicked around on the internet, and then added a preview box to my blog software so I can see what posts will look like while writing them.

I then took the G train down to Prospect Park to wander. I quickly realized that I was in a sitting not walking mood though, so I abandoned my plan and hopped between a few coffee shops in the area and continued reading The Innovators. This book is quickly justifying all of my thoughts on Open Source and Transparency, which is kind of awesome.

I went home and spent like an hour figuring out why rsync wasn't letting me copy things from my parents network back to my laptop. Normally I use scp which works fine, but I wanted rsync's magic resume (the -P flag) to copy some really large files over. This is unusually difficult because to get to the large NAS I have under my Mom's sewing machine, I have to go through a gateway machine I have set up. I've had this working for a long time, but could never figure out why rsync didn't work. The fix I found, is to tell rsync where the rsync binary on the destination machine is, because for some reason the $PATH stuff isn't getting passed along. The magic flag to do this is --rsync-path=/usr/syno/bin/rsync. So from my laptop I can run:

rsync --rsync-path=/usr/syno/bin/rsync -P server:"incriminating\ file.mkv" .

and my file will be copied to my laptop, proxied through a Linux box sitting on the edge of their network.

Going out to a birthday party tonight, so yay, socializing!


#hackerschool (I really need to fix these hash tags...)