Day 16 (RC 8)

Another day, more feelings of unproductive-ness. Started the day with a nice walk from north of NYU. Got lost wandering among the store fronts.

Once I got in, I attempted to fix archives page to order correctly, but failed. I did build a simple stats page though, so that was nice.

After lunch, I did a code kata with Karthik as my partner. Todays kata was anagrams. We were able to complete it successfully which was nice. I haven't paired with anyone yet, so this was a nice way to work with someone and learn some stuff.

On Thursdays, RC lets people present what they've been working on. This weeks presentations had a lot of interesting things in them, and made me want to look into the following things:




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I've been meaning to include what I'm reading outside of RC in these logs, and I have failed. I last mentioned my reading on Day 2. Since then, I have finished Exile, started and finished Sojourn and started The Innovators. I'm just getting started with "The Innovators", but I'm really liking it so far. It's a much more detailed history of computing and the internet then I ever knew. It especially focuses on how at points in time, many people were doing the same thing at the same time.