Moto X Review

Thanks to my buddy Niket, I was able to beta test the new MotoMaker and buy a Moto X online.

Moto X

Note: I am a Google employee, however this post does not represent the views of my employer or any of their subsidiaries.

Anyways, I guess I'll start at the very beginning.

Moto Maker

MotoMaker is a pretty neat piece of software. Basically, you select the colors you want on your phone (16 choices for the back, two for the front, and a few for the buttons) and then add accessories. Make sure to click around, I missed the section to order headphones the first time through (Moto X doesn't come with any by default).

After that, you go through a pretty easy to follow set of instructions to talk to AT&T. I had a phone upgrade available to me, so I selected that option, entered my phone number and the last four of my social, and I got $400 off of the phone (the classic AT&T renew your contract discount).

A few days later my phone arrived. I got my phone on the day of the public launch, so I imagine people who order now will get it much faster (Motorola has been saying four days I believe).

The Phone

The phone is awesome. It's probably the best feeling Android phone I've ever had. It reminds me of a lightweight Nexus One.

Moto X Moto X

On average I get about fourteen hours of use, and I'm pretty sure that's all because of Active Notifications, which are amazing.

The other feature I love is the shake to open camera. When I am walking around SF, it's really easy to have the camera on by the time I get it to my eye, and I have yet to get any pocket photos.

Example photo


  • Light
  • Customizable colors, really feels like mine.
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Active Notifications


  • No capacitive charging
  • Power and Volume buttons on same side
  • No replacable battery or memory card