Day 26 + 27 (RC 13)

Sunday was lowkey, just found a place to live (Gravesend) for my next two months in NYC. Farther than I had wanted, but all my other options fell apart, and this is super cheap. Went out to dinner and drinks in Astoria in the evening. Quite a nice area.

On Monday, I started out with coding up a Birthday card for my Dad. I then added a first pass at collision detection to Hyperspace. While discussing http://sadnat.com, it was discovered that happynat.com is broken. Debated fixing it, but held off.

@dmpatierno continued to express dissatisfaction in my use of titles in posts. I made some tweaks to the <title> tag of posts on this blog, but didn't appease all of his complaints.

I posted about wallpapers, and debated fixing http://walls.natwelch.com. I decided to do a quick rewrite of the site. It's now a little uglier, but loads quite quickly, so that's nice.

On the way to the Monday night talk, I talked with Pam about the fear of missing out and how RC might promote people not making healthy decisions for their bodies (correct amounts of sleep, healthy eating, posture, excersize, etc). I wonder how much of this is due to everyone being in a new place? Or just people left to their own devices?

Monday night's talk was about the history of Hash Tables by Mark Dominus. Quite a nice look into different implementations that tied together a bunch of stuff from CS classes back at Cal Poly.