What's making me happy 2024-02-12

Ok, I missed a few #happy posts, but I've got this one!

TV & Movies

  • The hype behind the anime Solo Leveling has been huge, but I didn't get it until this most recent episode. The writing is still terrible, but the action scene art is getting great.
  • I watched the Super Bowl, it was fine.
  • This goal by the Spurs was fantastic.
  • I started Mr. and Mrs. Smith and so far it's delightful.
  • Rewatched Bocchi The Rock, and it's still my anime of 2023.


  • I've always loved Boiler Room sets. Three of them I particularly enjoyed recently because of their high energy and fun vibes. Two were both from a collection of sets put on one night in Tokyo called Tohji Presents u-ha. The other is from a night in Osaka called Fullhouse.


  • I finished The Library at Mount Char a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. An interesting mix of end of the world sci-fi and fantasy.


  • I'm still chugging through Baldur's Gate 3. I have three big fights left I think.