What's making me happy 2024-02-29

Here's me trying to get two #happy posts out in one month! It was my birthday last week. I had a great time, but a few days later as a late birthday present, I got norovirus from the Earth. Feeling better now, but yay!

TV & Movies

  • I rewatched all of Ted Lasso while recovering, so that was fun. Show holds up.
  • I started watching Metallic Rouge. It's by the illustrious Studio Bones, and so far it's beautiful and completely inscrutable.
  • F1 is back this weekend, as is Drive to Survive Season 6. So far DTS has been fantastic. It's just a reality show about rich people and its absurdity is wonderful. Excited for the racing to begin again.


  • Got a few records as gifts for my birthday, which I've been slowly listening through. I had forgotten how amazing Syro and There Is Love in You are.



  • I started playing Slay the Spire. Lots of fun, and has a good gameplay loop. I've been playing on PS5, but it's on a lot of the platforms.