Google Campaign Donations

I was playing around with the new https://beta.fec.gov and found that it was pretty easy to get a bunch of data about who is donating to what. So I wrote a little script to download the data and figure out how much Google employees were donating to political campaigns from January 1st, 2015 until now.

The top 10:

  • RO FOR CONGRESS INC.: $9,400
  • WYDEN FOR SENATE: $12,700
  • LESSIG2016.US: $21,210
  • NRSC: $33,400
  • DCCC: $33,620
  • DSCC: $34,700
  • BERNIE 2016: $47,121
  • GOOGLE INC. NETPAC: $242,489

I'm not 100% sure this is correct. I'm wondering if this is double counting stuff some how. You can see the data that I'm working with on beta.fec.gov or in the json file I saved to github.

Update: I reran these numbers in April. The above numbers were a little low.

Also, full disclosure, I am an employee of Hillary For America. That being said, this was done in my free time and purely out of curiosity, and not part of my day to day job.

If this sort of thing interests you, check out the Sunlight Foundation's Influence Explorer.