Project #tenbysix Update #4

Continuing with #tenbysix this week!

Stuff I worked on this week:

I started work on PCA. I got it so I could take money with stripe. It's not nice or clean, but I was processing credit card transactions, so that was nice. Next step is to think about what kind of art I am going to generate.

I started thinking about what an MVP for enki.garden would look like. I wrote in the readme about the general problem statement and what I'm thinking about. Most of my answers are pretty complicated though, so not really a simple solution. I think what I should build is a simple bash script that scrapes folders every five minutes and posts to a server with the data I want. It wouldn't have the file content, but it'd have the size, host, location, name and maybe the file type. Just store it in a postgres database for now I think.

I talked to @nicholasbs briefly about RingClub. It sounds like the faculty have plans for someone to work on a similar project soonish, so my MVP may or may not be useful.

Projects I didn't touch: