What's making me happy 2016-02-13

Last week was pretty busy with the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, and then lots of things breaking at work on the following days. That being said, I still found reasons to be #happy!

On Friday afternoon, I was given a tour of Grand Central Tech. They have a pretty interesting offer to startups, and could really help out the startup scene in New York. It's also just a nice space as well, which is an added bonus.

Afterwards, I stopped by RC, and ended up talking with @zackmaril, @nancycthomas, @happyspork, @dino_joel and @mrdrozdov. It was a nice reminder that I still haven't met someone through RC that I didn't like.

I went and saw Deadpool on Saturday, which was hilarious. I was laughing the whole way through. Now that the movie is out, we're starting to hear more about what it took to get Deadpool made.

I loved BBC's The Dating Game. It's an interesting look into how people are using online dating around the world.

And the Associated Press's look into Cruz Crew app was interesting as well.

Two other article I enjoyed were Logging v. instrumentation and Text Mining South Park.

Finally, there were a lot of great trailers that came out last week (or that I finally saw):

I hope you have a great week!